We are Guardians of 多样性、包容性和归属感.

在LiveRamp, we work to foster a sense of belonging where everyone can bring their full selves to work.


Why 多样性、包容性和归属感 (“DIB”)?

We strive to make LiveRamp a place where all people can thrive, because building an inclusive workplace is simply the right thing to do.



DIB is important at LiveRamp because building a workplace where all can thrive not only improves business performance, 这是正确的做法. Our DIB programs focus on developing intentional, systematic 实践 that enable people from all backgrounds to contribute and succeed.




With diverse representation across our business, DIB理事会确保责任, 实践, 措施, and mindsets are woven into every team at LiveRamp. 委员会 members interact directly with LiveRamp’s executive team and board in order to keep them apprised of key initiatives and ensure that both sets of perspectives inform how we operate.



CEO为多样性而行动 & 包含™

利物浦的首席执行官斯科特·豪已经签署了 首席执行官行动的承诺, along with 1,400 other leaders who represent some of the world’s largest employers. The pledge outlines actions signatory CEOs will take to cultivate an environment where all ideas are welcomed and employees feel comfortable and empowered to have discussions about diversity and 包容.

LiveRamp CEO and team mates laughing at work



  • 为DIB奠定基础
  • 让所有LiveRampers茁壮成长
  • 使员工队伍和领导层多元化


  • 推进公平的产品开发
  • 对整个行业产生影响
  • 动员威利斯人官方网站的产品和人员


  • Leverage our financial assets to advance equity and 包容
  • 服务社会
  • Inspire the next generation of technology leaders


  • 员工资源组

    Our employee resource groups (ERGs) exist to support the belonging, 增长, 以及员工的发展, 社区, 和业务.

  • 共创美好未来

    LiveRamp.org leverages the technology and people across our company and ecosystem to build better connections for a better future.

  • $1,000 annual company donation match per employee

    每年, LiveRamp匹配高达1美元,000 in charitable donations per employee across thousands of 组织s.


AAPI @ LiveRamp

美国亚洲 & Pacific Islander (AAPI) ERG’s mission is to create safe spaces and empower the LiveRamp AAPI community and its allies to have conversations about Asian, 亚裔美国人, and Pacific Islander experiences and so we can learn from each other.

黑@ LiveRamp

Black at LiveRamp’s mission is to create a safe space of 赋权 and allyship for Black employees at LiveRamp. 通过机构, 组织, 和社区, we intend to utilize our platform to diversify LiveRamp’s employee base and raise awareness of the Black experience.



平等的 is a grassroots group for queer and allied employees of LiveRamp. We are committed to building a welcoming and inclusive workplace community and championing cultural transformation within our company.

LatinX @ LiveRamp

LatinX offers a safe space for our colleagues, 朋友, 和盟友一起庆祝, 促进, and support all genres and forms of the LatinX community. Our principles are based on awareness, understanding, support and giving back to our community.


RAMPability exists to empower differently abled LiveRampers and their managers to be able to fully tap into their strengths and realize their potential.

退伍军人@ LiveRamp

Veterans at LiveRamp exists to build a rich community for military veterans and their families and colleagues by focusing on our three E’s: employment, 赋权, 和教育.

女性@ LiveRamp

The Women at LiveRamp employee resource group works to 促进 an environment that supports and encourages women to meet their potential through mentorship, 教育, 和认可.


马赛克 stands for “Multinational Organisation Supporting An Inclusive Culture,” and we exist to build a supportive and inclusive culture for our European and APAC offices so employees can feel empowered to share, 庆祝, 互相教育对方的文化, 身份, 和生活经历.

当威利斯人官方网站想到DIB, we’re talking about long-term change at all levels—from the company as a whole to the individual to the 社区 in which they live.
Scott Howe,首席执行官

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