LiveRamp 和 家乐福 Partner to Deliver Next-Generation Retail Offerings

Global Leader in Privacy-Enabled Data Collaboration Helps Retailers Unlock New Business Opportunities 和 Transform Supply Partner Relationships

旧金山——()--LiveRamp® (NYSE: RAMP) Today Announced an exp和ed global partnership with 家乐福 (OTCMKTS: CRERF) to enable robust data collaboration, analytics 和 innovation capabilities through LiveRamp的避风港. Using LiveRamp's Best-in-class Privacy-Preserving Technologies, 零售商, consumer packaged goods (CPGs) br和s 和 家乐福 partners can execute safe, simple 和 productive data collaboration on an unprecedented global scale. 安全港目前在美国可用.S., UK, 法国, 中国, 日本和澳大利亚, 和, 与家乐福, 正在向西班牙扩张, 意大利, 比利时, 波兰, 罗马尼亚, 阿根廷, 巴西和台湾. LiveRamp's 安全的避风港 is part of a new business unit that 家乐福 is launching on this occasion:家乐福的链接."The partnership was announced at a press conference in Paris today.

"LiveRamp will be a critical accelerator of 家乐福's transformation into an industry-leading data-driven retailer,Elodie Perthuisot说, 电子商务执行总监, Data 和 Digital Transformation 家乐福 Group. “We are delivering great value by working more collaboratively with our CPG 和 retail supply partners with 家乐福的链接. 威利斯人官方网站对与LiveRamp的合作感到兴奋, working together to deliver robust new consumer insights 和 capabilities to hundreds of our CPG partners on a global scale.”

By delivering data connectivity 和 identity management in a neutral, 安全且有权限的环境, LiveRamp makes a breadth of new use cases 和 revenue streams possible for 零售商 while transforming the way they work with their supply partners. 通过家乐福链接, 安全的避风港 enables 家乐福 to partner more closely with its CPG partners across nine international markets to deliver enhanced data collaboration capabilities including:

  • 更深入的见解和分析Packaged reports provide robust insights into campaign performance, 类别管理, 和顾客分析. 安全的避风港 also offers the ability for data science teams to utilize their own models 和 machine learning.
  • Omnichannel激活一Activate CPG campaigns using 家乐福 data across social 和 open web platforms 和 家乐福 owned-和-operated assets.
  • 更好的测量一CPGs can better underst和 the impact of marketing activities on sales utilizing retail data 和 move the needle to drive key business outcomes.

“Data is transforming the customer experience globally – 和 家乐福 is at the very forefront of this trend with its 家乐福的链接 platform,沃伦简森说, 总统LiveRamp. “与LiveRamp安全港, br和s 和 their partners can now safely collaborate to deliver better customer experiences 和 drive business outcomes. We are proud to enable this groundbreaking capability for 家乐福 across its CPG partner network 和 in over nine countries.”

LiveRamp's exp和ed partnership 与家乐福 signals the growing momentum of 安全的避风港, which now serves more than 45 customers across retail, 杂货店, CPG, 消费类电子产品和其他垂直产品. LiveRamp最近收购的 DataFleets brings industry-leading privacy-enhancing technologies to 安全的避风港, allowing customers to implement configurable data 控制s. LiveRamp的避风港 makes data collaboration safe 和 easy for customers regardless of the technical infrastructure or cloud platform used by each party, 没有移动数据.

"安全的避风港 is enabling clients to collaborate across clouds, 合作伙伴和边界推动创新, deliver better customer experiences 和 achieve competitive advantage,“继续简森. "In just over a year since announcing 安全的避风港, we've gained 30% market share within U.S. 杂货和大卖场零售, 和 in Europe are trailblazing the way 与家乐福 和 other leading 零售商. As we continue to exp和 our international footprint, we are excited to now serve more than 30% of the 50 largest global CPGs.”

Visit the LiveRamp website to find more information on 安全的避风港零售业的避风港.

With a multi-format network of some 13 000 stores in more than 30 countries, the 家乐福 Group is one of the world's leading food 零售商. 家乐福的销售总额为78欧元.2020年达到60亿. 它有320多个,000 employees who help to make 家乐福 the world leader in the food transition for everyone, 为每个人提供高质量的服务, 每天都有实惠的食物, 在所有位置.

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LiveRamp is the leading data connectivity platform for the safe 和 effective use of data. Powered by core identity resolution capabilities 和 an unparalleled network, LiveRamp enables companies 和 their partners to better connect, 控制, 和 activate data to transform customer experiences 和 generate more valuable business outcomes. LiveRamp's fully interoperable 和 neutral infrastructure delivers end-to-end addressability for the world's top Br和s, 机构, 和出版商. 欲了解更多信息,请访问


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LiveRamp enables privacy-enabled data collaboration, analytics 和 insights between retailer 家乐福 和 CPGs around the world.


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